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Things are  happening bit by bit. I went down to the bigass library downtown today to do some work on the game/business planning, and it absolutely beat the shit out of trying to get anything done at a coffee house. Muchly recommended.

Then went to check out an Aikido place nearby, it was an hour.5 class but I liked the place. The practice area is a real wide space, the practice itself was pretty traditional yet relaxed. Interestingly the instructor and a black belt student encouraged me to check out other places in the area which is always a good sign. For whatever reason there are hardly any jujitsu places but there's a ton of aikido to choose from, so hooray for that.

On Wednesday I went to check out an open mic at the public house nearby on alberta, and I was pleasantly surprised - most of the people were good, and there were some real entertaining bits. The first guy who went up did some great finger-picking guitar traditionals, strumming both the bass line and guitar part. It was cool to watch how fast he maneuvered the strings. 

Then there was a guy with a banjo singing a song about hard times, one of the choruses was about how much he loves robbing banks. And this hilariously out-of-it person who came straight from working 3 days in a row or something (Michelle of Michelle and the Beards - sang a hilarious song about wanting to live in a hardware store, then sang some song in spanish complete with a simulated mouth-trumpet/kazoo solo. Not a bad night's entertainment for free dollars and freenty-nine cents.

Meanwhile it's 3:15 in the goddamn morning. Why am I addicted to bullshitting on the interfarts when it should clearly be unconcho time?
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