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Brain Stem Storms

 I've finally re-discovered one of the benefits of not being driven completely insane by your job - the ability to think of ideas again! I took a walk around the block today and had an idea for a series of sculptures - heads of different kinds of crazy monsters, but designed to be mounted on the wall like deer, etc, so it looks like you've been out hunting monsters all day. Braintacular!

There was also another idea that crystallized when I was explaining it to my dad over the phone. Basically, it's a way to take this videogame project I've been working on in my spare time with a programmer friend and turn it into a legitimate business entity that not only allows us to have complete control over what we're doing, but allows us to enact a real positive social impact on society where it's needed most - child victims of trauma. And also this plan would allow us to cash in on a bunch of money, so yay nice bonus.

I've been looking at related materials online for the past few hours instead of passing out, and the very real potential for this to be something is exhilarating. I still have to work on some details and run the full pitch past my partner, but this could be some very promising shit to take to portland!
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