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Moderate Activity

Things are  happening bit by bit. I went down to the bigass library downtown today to do some work on the game/business planning, and it absolutely beat the shit out of trying to get anything done at a coffee house. Muchly recommended.

Then went to check out an Aikido place nearby, it was an hour.5 class but I liked the place. The practice area is a real wide space, the practice itself was pretty traditional yet relaxed. Interestingly the instructor and a black belt student encouraged me to check out other places in the area which is always a good sign. For whatever reason there are hardly any jujitsu places but there's a ton of aikido to choose from, so hooray for that.

On Wednesday I went to check out an open mic at the public house nearby on alberta, and I was pleasantly surprised - most of the people were good, and there were some real entertaining bits. The first guy who went up did some great finger-picking guitar traditionals, strumming both the bass line and guitar part. It was cool to watch how fast he maneuvered the strings. 

Then there was a guy with a banjo singing a song about hard times, one of the choruses was about how much he loves robbing banks. And this hilariously out-of-it person who came straight from working 3 days in a row or something (Michelle of Michelle and the Beards - sang a hilarious song about wanting to live in a hardware store, then sang some song in spanish complete with a simulated mouth-trumpet/kazoo solo. Not a bad night's entertainment for free dollars and freenty-nine cents.

Meanwhile it's 3:15 in the goddamn morning. Why am I addicted to bullshitting on the interfarts when it should clearly be unconcho time?
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All I Needed To Learn In Life I Learned From Bill & Ted

Before any doubt invades your mind, I'm of course referring to Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston Esq and their historic Excellent Adventure.

Lots of times you may identify a problem you'd like to solve, whether it be work, personal, neighborhood-al, or mineral. Perhaps this is a thing that's been irritating you for a while, or maybe it's a new dilemma you suddenly have to conquer. I've found that the hardest part is at the beginning when you have to get your head around the issue at hand. Once that's handled and you know what to do, next comes the trickiest stage - actually having to get off your ass and do what needs to be done.

Why does this relate to Bill and Ted? I'll tell you! Like right goddamn now!

In Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, you may recall both Bill and Ted were briefly incarcerated for harassing a mall worker dressed as the Easter Bunny, or whatever the hell it was. They managed to elude their captors thanks to Ted concentrating incredibly hard to remember to later place a tape recorder of his voice in the jail to distract the guard. The ploy worked, they escaped, then went on to give birth to Hitler's grandmother. Or maybe that was the third one.

George Carlin returning from the past after impregnating Bill's mother, thereby becoming his father. Darth Carlin!
After masterbating in a phone booth, Rufus is ready to lead the gang to reclaim Napoleon's lost hemorrhoids. Ok, ok, I haven't seen the movie in a while.

Either way, the key thing that made the difference was that Ted's intent was so strong it bent the rules of time and space clean in half, like a whale cutting butter. His thoughts alone were so powerful that they altered the course of events and created a new reality. Sadly, it wouldn't be until The Matrix a decade later that Keanu was able to convince movie enthusiasts he was capable of sustaining a coherent thought for more than three seconds.

Great, another race of completely nude space aliens with no visible genatalia. Didn't ID4 teach you anything, movies?
Artist's rendition of an alternate universe Robin Williams, where he didn't undergone drastic cosmetic surgery as a child.

So, intent is the magic word. If you are up against a challenge, plant the intent square in your brain and start moving. It doesn't matter if you can't see how your actions right now will ultimately lead up to the goal, no matter how imposing it may seen. Get up from your chair right now and start moving your feet in the direction of the solution. As long as you keep the pure intent in your mind, in this current moment, it will guide you to where you want to be. And if that's hooking up with some hot princesses from the dark ages, so be it.

Stallyns Gone Wild!
The cover of Wyld Stallyn's third studio album, Sung Like a Horse.

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Brain Stem Storms

 I've finally re-discovered one of the benefits of not being driven completely insane by your job - the ability to think of ideas again! I took a walk around the block today and had an idea for a series of sculptures - heads of different kinds of crazy monsters, but designed to be mounted on the wall like deer, etc, so it looks like you've been out hunting monsters all day. Braintacular!

There was also another idea that crystallized when I was explaining it to my dad over the phone. Basically, it's a way to take this videogame project I've been working on in my spare time with a programmer friend and turn it into a legitimate business entity that not only allows us to have complete control over what we're doing, but allows us to enact a real positive social impact on society where it's needed most - child victims of trauma. And also this plan would allow us to cash in on a bunch of money, so yay nice bonus.

I've been looking at related materials online for the past few hours instead of passing out, and the very real potential for this to be something is exhilarating. I still have to work on some details and run the full pitch past my partner, but this could be some very promising shit to take to portland!


Tomorrow is day 3 of the new arrangement. It's a little strange, just being something new, but very nice not having to sit in the car for 40 minutes twice every day to get to somewhere I don't want to be. The hard part is still letting go of the last remnants of ownership, there's so much to 'fix' with this company and project that it's hard to stop and let it be manipulated by its own devices. I don't feel like sacrificing myself for it anymore, it's definitely not worth it.

Two things:

- There's a cool site that lets you be interweb art/whatever patrons using micropayments at, looks very interesting. I've got a few projects that would work well on this site.

- Through that site I found this little flash developer made up of students in Iowa, Intuition Games. They have some awesome games, like the artful Fig. 8 ( and the smashtastic Effing Hail ( These guys seem much more interesting than the typical 'shoot/kill/rip asunder anything that moves' games the so-called triple-A studios diarrhea out nowadays. 



Hi people/person. I've got a secret, and it's all about an upcoming wonderful change. The current plan has grown untenable and diseased. The time is soon going to arrive for a completely different outlook, set of actions, perceptions. Nothing drives home the embarrassment of incompetence quite like a whiff of reality. 

Get ready for some leaving, silly city of not too much value. Goodbye, incorrect assumptions about what is important. I personally don't want to have to eat another Toyota to figure this puzzle piece out, and luckily it's going to be easy to hop to another pony. 

This pony will be one of my creation, not a sleek inherited racer fed on brain grains. This pony will be a spectacular divination of color and texture, wrapped in a coat of handcrafted joy spackle. Then I'm gonna ride the pony around the yard and it'll fart out little rock candy spheres, filled with an inner layer of truth creme like a Cadbury yolk minted in god's own backyard distillery. Yes, god is a bootlegger and he doesn't give a fuck. Let me get back to the pony.

So then I'll take the pony into town on the A-line, unless traffic is all stupid because of the holiday. Then maybe I'll go to the library to return that opera cd I checked out by mistake, and when I'm checking out a copy of Bob Dillinger's "If It's Not Purple, It's Not Infected" and get hit up with a 10 cent overdue fee from the cd the pony will pull out a 50 cent piece from some pouch or something and save my ass. I LOVE YOU DREAM PONY!