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Crimes Against English

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Tomorrow is day 3 of the new arrangement. It's a little strange, just being something new, but very nice not having to sit in the car for 40 minutes twice every day to get to somewhere I don't want to be. The hard part is still letting go of the last remnants of ownership, there's so much to 'fix' with this company and project that it's hard to stop and let it be manipulated by its own devices. I don't feel like sacrificing myself for it anymore, it's definitely not worth it.

Two things:

- There's a cool site that lets you be interweb art/whatever patrons using micropayments at http://www.kickstarter.com/, looks very interesting. I've got a few projects that would work well on this site.

- Through that site I found this little flash developer made up of students in Iowa, Intuition Games. They have some awesome games, like the artful Fig. 8 (http://www.intuitiongames.com/fig8/) and the smashtastic Effing Hail (http://www.intuitiongames.com/effing-hail/). These guys seem much more interesting than the typical 'shoot/kill/rip asunder anything that moves' games the so-called triple-A studios diarrhea out nowadays. 


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